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Digital Transformation is all about re thinking business.

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Many companies are turning upside down by technology innovations. Technologies are changing the way consumers are interacting with business and social.

Time to look with a broader lens

It is not a single domain expertise like better UX or mobile adoption that causes the disruption anymore.

Rather business should look at  customer experience as holistic view. It spans from capturing leads, converting to sales till supporting the product.

Treating each business system as independent domains is sub optimal at best.

For example, implementing a  smart Inventory prediction would have a direct effect on marketing systems. Similarly the ripple effect impacts other systems like CRM, finance and UX.

This technology led business should be a business strategy, making technology and operations working together in harmony.

Data becomes your asset

Your assets of the business shift from systems to data.

Data becomes your decision-making entity that helps you grow your market share.

Predictive analysis required big data. In turn big data was expensive and inefficient without cloud. Then every solution required mobile capabilities.

These capabilities are not a luxury for any business anymore.

This shift towards data must be accounted in your roadmap as early as possible.

Execution speed comes from clarity

It is predicted that most technology investments are thrown away within 6 months. If they are not aligned with the core business roadmap.

While the technology evolution is plays a major role in changing the business operations. It should still be aligned with the long term business goals to make strategic technology investments.

Without a clear roadmap, many technology opportunities could become a huge distraction.

AI first approach

With easy access to proven AI models, business can start leveraging the capabilities to provide advanced features to their customers.

AI helps predict patterns to provide insights to the business that goes a long way to help business grow faster.

Cognitive capabilities should become a core of every business process.

Every AI investment should be clearly evaluated for best ROI rather than being part of the trend to make few additional sales.

Future proof design

It is hard to future proof any implementation. However every system should be flexible enough to be replaced at any time at a minimum cost.

Technology helps business growth

Technology investments should be looked as business growth opportunities. 

Every technology initiative should have direct business benefit in multiple folds.

UX - Voice & image are replacing text

Human interactions with technology is changing significantly.

People use voice to interact with devices to exchange information.

Images and videos are becoming primary means of communication and data consumption.

Personalization of information for users is mandatory and not a value-add anymore.


How can we help?

We specialize in looking at the business vision and help layout some foundational elements.

Technology partnership

We can be your technical partner for your startup or business to help drive your development effort.

Business Process Automation

Identifying business process automation opportunities is hard. By leveraging AI and similar technologies we can help enhance the product offerings.

Product Roadmap

We help draft a technology roadmap based on business goals. Flexible architecture to add more features without redesigning from scratch every time.

Cost saving Opportunities

Simple changes to architecture could save cost significantly. Few cloud services could be best for cost saving strategy; we help pick the right balance.

Right Product selection

Some solutions take less time to redesign than fixing them. We help brainstorm the right technology products that fits your business roadmap.

Who benefits from us?

We specialize in looking at the business vision and help layout some foundational elements.


Someone who like to take an idea and execute it. We could be your technical co-founder.

We can also help you with a feasibility study or estimate cost for the solution.


Often technology drives most of the modern startups. Having a great technical team from the beginning sometimes gives a solid start for these aspiring companies.

We fit right into your team, technology and flexibility that we offer gives you a major advantage to innovate new things.

Small Business

Small business usually does not have the resources to hire top technology providers. 

 This constraints keeps the small businesses at the same level. Sometimes a slight push and few changes in technology could go a long way.

Technical Leadership

Many teams are build with freelancers and consultants who are developers. These developers are tactical and rarely have a long term vision. 

We could join those teams and help layout a roadmap for the developers to take it and run with it.

Who are we?

We are a small group of talented technical experts who are committed to help business leverage advanced technologies.

We have about 50+ years of combined experience in technology space. Worked for many fortune 100 companies and also helping many startups.

We are also have a variety of products under our portfolio, so we know exactly what it takes to build and run a business from scratch.

It is not just the experience that makes us better, but our passion drives us to keep challenging ourselves.

We are a dynamic team who continue to learn and evolve. Who also like to share our knowledge to help others succeed as well.

If you share our characteristics then you could be part of our team as well.

Our Products

Our Service Portfolio


Business process automation that minimizes operations cost using various chatbot technologies.


  • Automate customer service for maximum coverage.
  • Smart Lead capture using conversational format.
  • Intelligent search based on user intent.
  • Conversational bots for human like user engagements.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Machine learning models that helps to grow your business. 


  • Enhance user experience with personalised offers.
  • Increase revenue by upselling more products based on user behaviour.
  • Image classification algorithms to work with images.
  • AIOps for Managing infrastructure to predict the best self-healing systems to Minimize IT downtime.

eCommerce solutions

End to end eCommerce solutions.


  • Products specific eCommerce platforms for better conversions.
  • External service Integrations to gain more market share.
  • Custom UX solutions to enhance user experience and to increase revenue.
  • Marketing product automations for more reach.
  • Digital ads integration for increasing business.

User Experience apps

We help pick the best UX apps based on your customer usage patterns.

With tons of option available not every UI investments will give you ROI. 


  • Single page web apps. 
  • Mobile apps (Native or Hybrid or Progressive web)
  • Alexa or Google Home kits.

API Solutions

Business partnership and 3rd party service integrations are the core for any successful business.


  • Build integration strategies to expose your services for others to consume.
  • GraphQL technologies for API integration solutions.
  • Promote reusable asset creations.

Cloud Adoption

Low cost cloud strategies for short and long term ROI. 


  • Cloud deployment solutions for cost savings.
  • Serverless computing for scaling and security.
  • Hybrid cloud for fault tolerance.
  • Cloud services implementation for faster development.

If you like to discuss about any business solutions.

We like to know what people do with technology. If you have cool idea or like to brainstorm a technology solution. 

Connect with us.


"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
CEO, Vishumoney
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
CEO, Anto's Kitchen
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Owner, Gennie

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